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Hunter Academies offers a wide range of options for students. At Hunter Academies, students can complete a semester course in as little as four weeks or as many as 16 weeks. Students can catch up on missed credits, take a subject not offered at their traditional school, improve their technology skills, solve a scheduling conflict, try a different method of learning, or supplement their learning activities if they are homeschooled or temporarily home bound. Full-time students at Hunter Academies can focus on a few subjects at a time – while still covering the classes they need in the school year. Hunter Academies is also a convenient option for amateur athletes and actors who need to complete their education in a flexible environment in order to meet demanding schedules. International students can also take advantage of the opportunity to attend an online school from a U.S. based high school.

Yes. All Hunter Academies courses are completed for credit and evidence of such can be provided in the form of an academic transcript. One credit is awarded for each Hunter Academies course, the equivalent to a traditional high school semester-length class. Full-time Hunter Academies students earn credit towards their diploma by following the graduation requirements as stated in the Graduation Requirements. It is recommended that students obtain written approval from their primary high school before beginning an Hunter Academies course since each district or school sets their own policies for course transfer.

By taking online courses students can study where, how and when they want. Courses are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The typical Hunter Academies student spends 5 to 6 hours per day to complete a variety of lectures, assignments, discussion boards, quizzes and projects. While work can be completed in a flexible format, all required work must be completed on or before the published term end date.

All Hunter Academies courses are academically rigorous and considered college preparatory and will cover an entire semester’s worth of material. As such, it is important that students understand the need to set aside time to not only engage with their instructor but complete all of the required assignments.

Hunter Academies highly recommends that students have continuous access to a computer with Internet access, preferably in the home. If students don’t have a computer with reliable internet access at home, they can use computers at their primary high school, public library, internet cafes and community centers.

Yes teachers work closely with students in each course to provide guidance and frequent feedback as students’ progress through the curriculum. Hunter Academies teachers are content area experts in the fields that they teach and many are classroom teachers during the day. Teachers are available by email when students have questions or they can arrange a time for a live phone conference or online chat. Emails are generally returned within 24-48 hours.

The majority of Hunter Academies courses are conducted asynchronously, allowing students to participate at any time of the day. With teachers and students all around the world, it is next to impossible to have students and teachers online at the same time so we afford both groups to work in the online environment when it is most convenient for their schedules. Zoom meetings will be held with the teacher bi-weekly. Additional Zoom meeting may be requested by the student when needed. Teachers can be reached by email when students have questions or they can arrange a time for a live phone conference or online chat. Emails are generally returned within 24-48 hours.

Asynchronous discussions, or “threaded discussions,” are intended for students to post messages at their leisure, or as otherwise instructed by their teacher. Synchronous discussions, or online “chats” are intended for all students and their instructor to be present to communicate in “real time.”

Hunter Academies courses all have assignments that students turn in via the course portal. These assignments are received, graded and returned to the student by the teacher who also posts the student’s grade to an online gradebook. Courses also contain quizzes, tests, discussion boards and a culminating project.

Many students enroll with Hunter Academies as part-time students, hoping to complete one or two courses to raise a low grade or complete a course that is not available onsite at their primary high school. Courses completed with Hunter Academies meet California and national standards and can often be transferred from Hunter Academies to the student’s primary high school for credit. In order to see if your student’s high school accepts Hunter Academies courses in transfer, please meet with a counselor at the primary high school to have the Course Transferability Verification form completed.

Yes, Hunter Academies curriculum is designed to directly satisfy a-g requirements.

Part-time students usually take only one to two courses at any given time, depending on their current academic schedule at their primary school and their extracurricular commitments. On average, a full-time Hunter Academies student will take twelve courses per academic year in order to meet graduation requirements. Full-time student schedules are determined on an individual basis and may vary. Students should be cognizant of the high level of work required in Hunter Academies courses as well as the term end date when choosing courses to complete.

Unlike public schools, Hunter Academies receives no government funding. Hunter Academies is a tuition-based institution dedicated to providing a quality education to all students. Tuition is $300 per course.

The student or their parent/guardian must notify a Hunter Academies administrator of the student’s intent to withdraw via email or telephone. Instructors cannot process student withdrawals. The Hunter Academies administrative staff and instructors are available to assist students and their parent/guardian in exploring alternatives that may allow the student to successfully complete the course in lieu of withdrawing. Refund calculations are based on the date and time a parent/guardian informs Hunter Academies of their intent to withdraw his/her student from a Hunter Academies class.

If the trouble is related to course content, students should contact their instructor via email. Instructors respond within 24-48 hours. If the trouble seems to be technical, students may contact the online help desk at (1-323-898-5188 or via e-mail at All other questions should be directed to our administrative offices at 1-323-898-5188 or

If a student cannot log into an online course, she or he should contact the Hunter Academies help desk directly at 1-323-898-5188 or via email

Early registration is strongly encouraged so that students are able to begin their classes with the appropriate textbooks and materials; this is particularly important due to the accelerated format of Hunter Academies courses. However, limited materials have been uploaded into the online course so that students can begin working until their books