Hunter Academies

Hunter Academies requires all scholars to complete the following number of classes within several academic categories.

Hunter Academies scholars must complete twenty academic classes throughout freshman through senior years.
Below are the required minimum graduation requirements for every student to graduate.

Academic Graduation Requirements

  • A – History/Social Science: 4 years. One year must be US History and one semester of Government and one semester of Economics are mandated.
  • B – English: 4 years
  • C – Mathematics: 3 years. Mandated completion of Algebra, Geometry, Intermediate Algebra. Pre-Calculus and Calculus are also strongly recommended.
  • D – Laboratory Science: 3 years. Mandated are a Biological and Physical Science; one additional science course in either area is also required.
  • E – Foreign Language: 3 years
  • F – Visual & Performing Arts: 2 years. Visual Arts/Drama/Creative Writing/Music.
  • G – Electives: 1 year. One additional class from Orion’s approved A-G courses.
  • Physical Education & Health: 3 years
  • Workshop/Community Service: Students are required to complete 60 hours of volunteer community service per year to graduate.
  • Senior Requirements: Concluding Senior Project